Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Snow, Rain, Ice, and the Great Melt

Hi Everybody!

I have been open for business for over week and have seen a blizzard, pouring rain, ice and spring like temperatures. Good Lord!  Will I be weeding the flower patch and heading to the beach next week? 
Not likely. 
I have a better chance of seeing this next week.


Updates and Information

In September my website host decided to update the whole site with a new look and cool features. I'm still discovering the benefits of  all these "super awesome" features as it has taken me four months (and much swearing) to redo my old site.  I'm still working out the kinks, since the old site doesn't like the new changes.  For example, some of the text is like one run on sentence.   I will have to rewrite all the text  in the new format.  Oh, how I love change!!!    I will publish it. Have a look (and overlook the quirks for now.)

I had some interesting framing projects in December.  I could not post images  until after Christmas for fear the giftee would see their gift.
A cherished and well loved teddy bear

Christmas Cross Stitch - Toni Rovers

A very special needle work from a very special friend in China

Quilting square/wall hanging.


And for last...
I had the honour of framing Matt MacPherson's Linesman "83" jersey which was to be a gift to his mother for Christmas. My customer and friend of Matt's mom had to sneak the jersey out of her house and to me to be framed.  I heard she was very emotional about this gift when she opened it Christmas morning.  Not only was this gift special to her but the note I received after Christmas was very special to me.   My customer allowed me to post the email, which made my day (and the rest of my week!)
Just to show you how you put smiles on a couple of faces on Xmas morning! As you are aware I had my work done for the mother of an NHL official (who
are both in the attached photo).
It was awesome, actually the mom started to cry when she opened the box with help from her son Matt!
Again thanks for the final product it was a huge success and I look forward to the 2nd jersey to get done that I will have mounted in my office here at Town Hall (we will talk on this soon).
Be assured it is my intent to promote your business whenever possible, and I feel Matt himself will come knocking in due coarse!
Please feel free to use the finish product photo for any type of advertising that you do;but NOT the photo I have attached to this email (she would kill me!)
Thanks again and all the best in 2014!

I want to wish everybody a Happy New Year and thank everyone for visiting and allowing me to frame your special projects, ensuring your memories will be preserved for a long time.

And for last...
My sister gave me a small tool that allows you to make two tone cupcakes. which was great fun on a miserable January evening.
(And they tasted great too!)
Cheers, Claire

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A Matter of Tastes offers custom picture framing. Come in and we can decide the perfect combination for your distinctive piece of art.  All of my framing is done according to archival standards using conservation and museum quality materials.  Come in for a FREE quote and discuss the choices that are only limited to one’s imagination.  Remember picture frames are meant to enhance your art, not compete with it.

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

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A Matter of Tastes Website
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The business, started in 2000, is located on a beautiful farmland property just outside Antigonish. It is just a short drive to see me and well worth the scenic drive. First and foremost, I offer professional custom framing, with over 10 years in the framing business. I am also intaglio printer, so you can rely on my 20 years of experience and advise on original hand pulled prints. The framing shop has a small art gallery that deals in original hand pulled prints and paintings as well as unique artistic works by myself and my featured artist, V.L. Maclean As an amateur photographer, I have many pictures of florals, landscapes and nature scenes on display and for sale. My favourite subjects are florals, nature and animals- (horses, dogs and kitties). I have a very relaxed setting and welcome everyone to visit and have a look around. It is ‘all a matter of tastes.” For more information: