Friday, 7 March 2014


Hi Everyone!
Yes, winter is still here.

March has come in like a lamb and and let's hope it will go out like a lamb too. It has been a long winter. This partridge seems to think spring can't come soon enough!  And I agree!

Framing hockey jerseys has been a trend since the snow started to fly back in 2013. 

The first jersey was from the Ottawa Senators.  The jersey was signed by the team and  the coach, Paul MacLean.  The customer also brought in four Paul MacLean's hockey cards and a plaque, which we decided to place below the jersey. 

The next jersey you might have seen before in my January newsletter (it was a Christmas present).  The customer was so satisfied with the last job I did, he had me do one for himself. This is a photo of the the second linesman jersey which is a little different from the first one which makes each one unique.
A good many people take winter 'getaways' to beautiful Southern climes this time of year. Often vacationers pickup local artworks on canvas that on return  often end up getting lost in the back of a drawer or a closet.  If you have painting from a trip, come in and get it stretched on stretcher bars. You don't have to get it framed (unless you want too.)  That way you can have it hanging on your wall to remind yourself of the lovely holiday away from all these cold temperatures.


A customer got this unique painting purchased at an auction. I wish I had taken a picture of it with the original frame with hand painted bright sunflowers.  Unfortunately, the frame overwhelmed the work so we decided to replace with frame that enhanced the work.  After going through multiple samples we chose a  modern style that put TWO frames together and omitted the oil liner. As you can see, it looks great.
And don't think that beautiful hand painted sunflower frame went to waste!  It is now serving as a frame for a beautiful mirror. This is a great solution if you have an old frame that you love but don't have artwork to fit into it. Often a well placed mirror can maximize a room's style and add depth and light to a room.    

And for last...some photos of the last few weeks.
The Morning After- Januray.
February- Dog sitting three of my little buddies while my sister
was on vacation.
My February flowers...

Last night when I left a small jar and flower on the window sill, the water froze and cracked the jar and wilted the flower.

Oh well, warm weather is coming soon. In the mean time my trusty border colllie looks for her tennis ball she lost in October and she promises to look for spring too.

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